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Wollkur mit Lanolin l ImseVimse 250ml

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Wollkur mit Lanolin l ImseVimse 250ml
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This is the easy way to wash ("shampoo") and lanolize. This way you don't have to melt any lanolin and it never glops. Deep cleaning, keeps wool soft. The wool conditioner is very easy to use, since it never glops. No grey lanolin spots on your beautiful wools with this system. The lanolin conditioner is the BEST for Snugglewools. You really can't effectively lanolize a Snugglewool, but I put some wool cure (conditioner) right in my machine when I wash my Snugglewool and they remain very soft. It's a very nice system for woolcare. Just like with the Eucalan with which you need both the Eucalan woolwash and Lansinoh Lanolin because you need 1) a way to wash and 2) a way to lanolize, with the Disana you also need both to properly care for your wool. Yes, you can use the Eucalan woolwashes to wash your wool and then use the Disana Lanolin Conditioner (or call it "cure") to lanolize instead of the Lansinoh Lanolin. Still keep the Lansinoh around for a great rash/barrier cream (great during teething), and in case you want a heavier lanolization. Great for wool first-timers. Easy! 250 ml bottle, which is 8.5 fluid ounces. This is 50 mil larger than another brand and these do not contain sodium benzoate. No preservatives, not perfume. Made in Europe. Shampoo ingredients: Surfactants from coconut oil, lanolin and water. Wool Cure ingredients: noninoic tensids >5%, Plantsoap >30%, Lanolin and water. (I think "plantsoap" means surfactants derived from coconut, but that needs to be verified)


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